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宿題: リスニング


Watch The Difference Between A Software Engineer And A Software Developer from  Clément Mihailescu and answer the following questions:

1. If software engineers and developers have the same job, why are they given different titles?

In this video, both are explained as the same job. Either can be used, so both are used. For example, Google adopt software engineers, and Amazon adopt software developers.

2. Do you think someone's seniority at a company should be reflected in their title? Why or why not?

I don't think that someone's seniority should be reflected in their title. In my opiniton, we should reflect the competence and role in their titile.

3. What new information did you learn from this video?

In japan, some people call person who solely program code as 'Programmer'.  But as this video says, I believe programmers and software engineers are the same.

Don't forget, if the video is too fast, you can adjust the playback speed of YouTube videos from the Settings menu.



Read this article from "USA Today" and answer the following questions:


宿題: 英作とスピーキング

Q: What's the most scenic hike you've ever been on? Where was it and what made it so beautiful?

The most impressive scene that I have ever seen while hiking was the snowy landscape at the top of the mountain. At that time, I didn't live in Tokyo. I lived in rural. The mountain was close to my house, and not high. But the snow made the hike a little difficult. It was challenging for me because I had never hiked alone in the snow. In deep snow, my knees were buried.

I was alone, but there were many hikers, so I felt safe. There were elderly people. There were also male and female couples. Everyone enjoyed hiking on the snow. Because it was a little difficult, I felt the snowy landscape at the top of the mountain was so beautiful.

However, there was one thing that I was worried about. On my way back down, I saw a couple. When I saw them on my way to the top, they seemed to get along well, but at that time, they did not seem to get along. The woman looked tired. The man looked worried. I said "hello". The man said "hello". The woman said nothing.

I hope that the snowy scene at the top of the mountain made up for them.

「仲直りする」って英語で? | Gaba Style 無料で英語学習



  1. "in my hiking" → "while hiking"
  2. "made me a little difficult" → "made the hike a little difficult"
  3. "because I had never hiked in the snow alone" → "because I had never hiked alone in the snow"
  4. "my knees were buried in snow" (repetition of "snow") → "my knees were buried"
  5. "There were also old people" → "There were elderly people"
  6. "Because it was a little difficult" → "Because it was slightly difficult"
  7. "When I was backing from the top" → "On my way back down"
  8. "The man said 'hello'" → "The man responded with a 'hello'"
  9. "I hope that the snowy scene at the top of the mountain made up for them" → "I hope that the snowy scene at the top of the mountain brought them some solace"


ただちょっと bring them some solace のニュアンスがつかめず……。調べてもあんまり情報でてこないし。ニュアンスのわからん言葉はとりあえず使わない。ちょっと勉強する。。。

小ネタ; ChatGPTとの会話





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