In this video lesson from VoA News, you will learn about Compound Nouns.

After you watch it, write a new sentence for each one of these words (a total of four sentences):

1. earthquake

In Japan, there are many earthquake.

2.  day dream

When I was a student, I often day dreamed during class.


When I'm tired form work, I often have a daydream about becoming very rich.


3.  full moon

I took a walk in the night because full moon was beautiful.

4.  public speaking

I'm a little nervous about public speaking.


What is the most interesting city to visit in your country?

In my opinion, the most interesting city to visit in Japan is Nara. Although Nara is not as famous as Tokyo or Kyoto, but it is a city with a long history. Kyoto also has a long history, but Nara's history is more long than Kyoto.

Nara was a capital city in Japan during 8th century. The emperor of Japan lived in Nara at that time. A lot of temples and shrines were built. Especially, Todaiji is one of the most largest temple in wooden architecture. Besides, Kasuga Taisha shrine, which is one of the most famous shirne in Japan, was built near Todaiji Temple. Both still exist.

The religion of Todaiji is Buddhism, and the religion of Kasuga Tiasha shrine is Shinto, which is Japanese traditonal religion. They are different religion. However, we often visit both. For example, on the evening of December 31, we go to Todaiji Temple. After that, when the date changes to January 1, we go to Kasuga Taisha Shrine. We pray at both.

It may seem strange, but I feel it is a very Japanse. In Nara, you can experience that.


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