Makelet, and allow are about permission.

Here are the ways we use makelet, and allow (from ESL Lounge):

You can practice more at ESL Lounge:

Answer the questions below.

1. What are two things that your parents made you do when you were a small child?

When I was a small child, my parents made me study at least one hour every day. Besides, they made me read books and write my thoughts about them.

2. What are two things that you aren't allowed to do when flying on an airplane?

We are not allowed to make a noise and change our seats without permission on an airplane.

3. What are two things that you let your child/brother/sister/pet do?

I let my sister use the family option of Amazon Prime that I contract.

When I visit my sister, I let my nephew play my gaming device.



Why is it important to preserve art?


I think that to preserve art is to preserve history. What is art depends on the era.  For example, it is a mural, stone statue, painting. These days there is electronic art such as virtual reality art. Thus, Art has the characteristics of its time. However, there is one thing in common. It is difficult to preserve them. If we do nothing, things will be broken. Electronic things may not be broken, but what can play it will be lost. So we need to make an effort to preserve art.

To preserve art can help us to imagine the past. Thanks to the people of the past, now we live in developed society, so we must not forget past. We can learn a  lot of things from past. Additionaly, art will be the way that the peopel of the future can imagine us. I think that to preserve art is to connect the past to the future.


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